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City Council

Mayor Sara Bowman
Bowman Appointed Mayor 2019-2021; reappointed 2021 - present
Appointed Mayor Pro Tem 2017-2019
Elected to City Council 2015; reelected 2019 - present
2008-2012: Planning Commission; 2012-2015 Chair of Planning Commission
2015-2017: Brownfield Redevelopment Authority  
2015-2019; 2021 - present: Grand River Corridor Improvement Authority  
2018 - present: Member Beaumont Healthy Living Coalition 
2019 - present: Farmington Retiree Health Care Board of Trustees  
2019 - present: Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors  
2019-2021: Farmington Election Commission  
2019 - present: Member Farmington/Farmington Hills Optimist Club 
2021 - present: Farmington Founders Festival Committee 
Mayor Pro Tem Joe LaRussa
LaRussa Appointed Mayor Pro Tem November 2019-2021; reappointed 2021-present
Elected to Council November 2017, reelected November 2019
Served or currently serving on:
Farmington Master Plan Committee
Farmington Downtown Development Authority Design Committee
Delegate to the SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council of Governments) General Assembly, 2017- Present
Brownfield Redevelopment Authority since 2017, has been chair from June 2020 - Present
Farmington/Farmington Hills Joint Municipal Broadband Task Force, June 2018 - Present
Council Member Johnna Balk
Balk Elected to City Council November 2021
2021 - present: Multicultural/Multiracial Community Council (MCMR)
2021 - present: Beaumont Community Advisory Board
2021 - present: Farmington Area Arts Commission

Council Member Steven Schneemann
Schneemann Elected to City Council 2015, reelected 2019 and 2021
Appointed Mayor November 2017
Appointed to City Council June, 2013
Served on:
Farmington Planning Commission
Farmington Downtown Development Authority
Main Street Design Committee
Farmington Board of Zoning Appeals
Farmington Committee on the Environment
Council Member Maria Taylor
Taylor Elected to Council November 2017, relected 2021
Served on:
Historical Commission
Was also an Election Worker
Multicultural Multiracial Committee (MCMR): 11/2017 - 1/2020
Elections Committee: 11/2017 - 1/2020

Currently serving on:
Parking Advisory Committee: 1/2020 - present
Charter Review Committee: 1/2020 - present
Farmington Area Arts Commission: 1/2020 - present