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Home Security

  • Trim foundation plants and shrubs below the window sills. Plants should not create places of concealment where burglars can hide.
  • Install light fixtures outside every exterior door and keep these lights on during dark hours. Motion detectors are also great sources to deter burglars from your home.
  • Secure any sliding doors by wedging a piece of wood between the sliding door and the frame. Also, install a pin-lock on your sliding door so that it can be latched to the frame for extra security.
  • Install dead-bolt locks in all exterior doors. Do not hide spare keys under door mats, etc. Burglars are well aware of this trick and often look in common "hiding spots" for your keys.
  • Garage doors should have an interior lock and no outside keyway. Electronic garage door openers should be turned off during vacations, etc. Side doors to the garage should be equipped with a solid core wood or steel door with a dead-bolt lock.
  • Do not leave recently purchased TV boxes or other high end merchandise boxes outside your house. Break down the boxes so they can be placed in the trash can or recycling bin.
  • Keep the exterior of your home in a well maintained condition, i.e. lawn mowed, windows cleaned, etc. If your home gives an appearance that you are not around, you may be more of a target for a burglar.
  • Do not leave ladders, shovels or other tools lying around your house. Keep these items in a locked place.
  • Put yourself in the burglar's shoes. At least twice a year, walk around your home to locate vulnerable areas or contact the Farmington Public Safety Department to request assistance in conducting a home security survey.
  • Immediately report any suspicious people, noises or activity in your neighborhood to the police.

Home Security Checklist

Use this as a guide as you check your home for safety measures. Boxes marked “no” indicate areas where you should take action to improve the security of your home. These are just some of the steps you can take to decrease the likelihood that your home is targeted by thieves. Please contact Commander Frank Demers at (248)474-5500, ext #2246 if you would like more information about home security.