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Farmington Public Safety receives generous donation of three rifle shields

The Farmington Public Safety Department was recently gifted three rifle shields. These shields enhance the department's capabilities to help ensure the safety and security of both officers and the community.
In the wake of the Uvalde shooting, residents John and Claire Tryon wanted to do something to help protect officers against active assailants and started an initiative to supply Farmington Public Safety with rifle shields. The shields were donated by the Tryons, John and Barbara Dresden and the Farmington Xemplar Club – each donating one shield.
The rifle shields, which are rated to stop rifle rounds, provide additional protection to officers during high-risk operations and critical incidents. If needed, they can allow officers to enter an active situation, further, they allow rapid deployment on an active assailant.
Public Safety Director Bob Houhanisin expressed gratitude on behalf of the Farmington Public Safety Department, stating, "We are profoundly grateful for their donations, which underscores the invaluable partnership between law enforcement and the community we serve. These rifle shields will enhance the safety of our officers and bolster our ability to respond effectively to evolving threats."
Farmington Public Safety Department officers attended rifle shield training to ensure full proficiency of this new equipment.
The Farmington Public Safety Department remains dedicated to employing the latest technologies and equipment to safeguard the wellbeing of residents and visitors alike. The addition of these rifle shields exemplifies the department's commitment to proactive measures aimed at maintaining the highest standards of public safety.




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