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Oakland Street Information Update

With the colder weather now upon us, the following comments are being provided in order for residents to understand what is remaining prior to the completion of the Oakland Street Reconstruction project.
1. All structures in the road are being adjusted/brought up to the elevation of the existing asphalt pavement for the time being. Before the next/final layer of asphalt is paved, these structures will then be readjusted to their final elevation which will be flush with the surface of the final pavement layer.
2. The final layer of asphalt is anticipated to be paved early next Spring. Due to the recent cold weather, paving has not been recommended as the structure of the asphalt pavement can be compromised if completed in colder temperatures.
3. As mentioned in the last notice, restoration along Oakland Street will be completed in the springtime of 2022. Along with the finalizing of restoration, the reconstruction of all damaged sprinkler heads and lines will be completed in the Spring as well. We recommend that all residents with sprinkler systems get them winterized if they have not done so already. Please use caution when parking vehicles on the street and avoid driving onto the area between the pavement edge and sidewalk. This area is soft and will not support the weight of a vehicle.
4. We recommend that salt is not used as a form of snow removal on the new concrete this winter as salt possesses characteristics which can adversely affect the integrity of concrete. When removing snow on the new concrete please consider using a shovel, if possible.
Please keep children and pets away from the construction operation. Construction activities, and the associated equipment that goes with it, is attractive to small children and can be dangerous. Please keep children away from the equipment, removals, mass grading, underground utility installation, hot/fresh asphalt, and wet concrete.
If you have any specific questions regarding this work, please call Mr. Michael McNutt, Project Inspector for OHM, at (313) 516-4735, Mr. Austin Downie, Engineer for OHM, at (734) 466-4437, or Mr. Chuck Eudy, DPW Superintendent, or Mr. Josh Leach, DPW Assistant Superintendent, at (248) 473-7250.




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