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Farmington City OfficesIncorporation

The City of Farmington was incorporated in 1926 as a Home Rule City under Michigan Statutes. The City operates under the Council-manager form of government in which the elected Mayor and Council appoints a full-time City Manager. The Council makes all policy decisions, including review, revision and final approval of the proposed budget.


The Mayor is the executive head of the city. The Mayor has a voice and vote in all proceedings of the Council, equal with that of other members of the Council, but has no veto power. The Council at its first meeting following each regular city election elects one of its members to serve as Mayor and one as Mayor Pro Tem for two-year terms.

City Council

The City Council consists of five elected Councilmembers, one of whom serves as Mayor. The Council is the legislative and governing body of the city and shall have power and authority to adopt laws, ordinances and resolutions as it deems proper. Three Councilmembers are elected at large in each non-partisan city election. The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes are elected to four-year terms and the third elected to a two-year term.

Administrative Service

The City Manager, Clerk, Treasurer, Assessor and Attorney are appointed by and serve at the will of Council, and have their compensation fixed by Council. Officers of the city who administer departments created by ordinance, except for the aforementioned positions, shall be appointed or selected by the City Manager for an indefinite period, and have their compensation fixed by the City Manager in accordance with budget appropriations and any pay plan adopted by the Council.

City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by Council and holds office at the pleasure of a majority of the Council. The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the city whose responsibilities include: development and implementation of laws and ordinances, budget oversight and overall direction of department heads and employees.

City Attorney

The City Attorney is the legal advisor to the City Council, City Manager and City Staff. The Attorney prosecutes ordinance violations and conducts for the City such cases in court and before other legally constituted tribunals as the Council may request. The Attorney prepares or reviews all ordinances, contracts, bonds and other official documents of the City.